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Python Packaging, Demystified

25 July, 2021
- 4 min read

This post covers and expands on a comment I wrote on a pull request I was helping out with CI tasks. One task, package and release the…

Pet - CLI snippets like a boss

10 May, 2021
- 2 min read

As a principal level engineer the peers on my team and new hires often ask for tooling advice. I'm not much of a fanboi of anything at all…

Pipelines First: Update

10 April, 2020
- 3 min read

A few years back I wrote an article here claiming a failing pipeline is the right place to start a project. If you're reading this you're…

A Pipelines First Approach

06 December, 2018
- 6 min read

Writing applications from a pipelines-first approach can be a confusing place to start. What is there to do before any application code…

HA Traefik Cluster as a Kubernetes Ingress Controller w/ Consul Backend

15 September, 2018
- 5 min read

One of the things I've spent the most time on in the last year is configuring Ingress Controller Managers for Kubernetes. Each offering…

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